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Property Management

Tenant concerns range from true emergencies to not so urgent events. Half your day can easily vanish if you have to field every call and listen to every message yourself. An answering service ensures top-priority messages are managed promptly, while others can be dealt with as appropriate.


No two hotels or bed and breakfasts are exactly the same. We have the experience in the industry to provide tailored solutions to hospitality institutions of all sizes and types, no matter where they may be located. From reservations to location information we have you covered.

Health Care

The medical industry is beset with regulations and guidelines that need to be strictly adhered to in order to provide privacy for your clients and legal protection for your business. We can help you lower costs and improve patient satisfaction all while keeping you in compliance.

Small Business

Small businesses often fall victim to the trap of relying on a voicemail service to work like a receptionist. Fact is they simply don’t pass muster. For a very reasonable cost, you can replace your voice mail system with a live agent, dedicated to addressing your client’s needs 24/7 or just as needed.


Educational institutions have complex communication needs that require coordinating a large volume of departments and offices. Our services are well prepared to integrate with existing systems to facilitate communication between the public and the appropriate administrators.


Maintaining the reputation of a franchise is a key component to operating a successful business. Our service provides every one of your callers with a professional customer service experience that will only ever positively reflect the values and professionalism of your brand.


Our expert team of agents know how to protect the confidentiality of your clients in all situations. Experienced agents provide your practice with a professional and polished interface between you and your clients 24/7 or only as needed.


Contractors tend to be on the go at all times, juggling the demands of active jobsites, estimating new projects, and negotiating with prospective customers. An answering service can free up the hands and time of any contractor, leaving them to focus on the work they specialize in.

Disaster Recovery

Speed is vital when a large-scale disaster affects a business. When you use TownLine TAS you are free to focus solely on getting your client up and running. Your customers remain taken care of while your business won’t miss a beat.

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